Sunday, February 12, 2006

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just testing. My alignment like all koyak. Why huh? Yoohoo? Sorry for the scrooed up alignment. I don't know what's wrong with it. Gave myself a scare when I typed and all I got was a blank page that the page was not available. tmd.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I am at MOS!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Woohoo!!! Take photo later. Wahahahahahaha. Hee hee hee. Very hungry. Zhenting says Hi! Wahahahahhahahahahaha. And "...." Ok, never mind her, she's always like that. K better log out. Byeeeeee!! Edited : the next day I didn't go any further than the ticketing area and the "Smoove" room which was so freaking cold that it should be called "Freezer" instead. Very pretty lights in the ticketing area Posted by Picasa How to apply huh? Posted by Picasa Me and the very recognisable logo of Ministry of Sound Posted by Picasa There was no queue yesterday! Budden, as Nad says, "who goes clubbing on thursdays???" Posted by Picasa selsel and zhenting! Posted by Picasa I was telling her that she's the last person I would think that would be at MoS with me. Ha ha ha, even though we didn't go there for clubbing, it was nice to check the place out. People kept mistaking me for the staff at MoS. Cows. I was supposed to go for class after the event, but it ended later than expected, 9pm so I didn't go for class. Luckily had Irene and Alan to take notes for me. Went to tcc after dinner! Because I still owe Zhenting her cheesecake. Heh. Sat outside, so cooling! I like the ambience. And I like alfresco dining. As in outdoor dining. With enough shelter of course. I ordered Sea of Passion, she ordered hot Mon Cheri which came with 2 cookies at the side. The Mon Cheri very pretty ley! Cos when it came, it had 5 layers (the waiter said 7 but I didn't see 7) - milk, strawberry syrup, coffee, foam and cinnamon powder (altho I still feel that cinnamon powder doesn't count as a layer). Before I could take a picture of it, Zhenting stuck the spoon in and started stirring. -_-!! I was like, "Alamak! I wanted to see the layers!!!!!!" The cheesecake wasn't very nice though. It was too light and I didn't like the "crust". Instead of biscuit crumbs, they used spongecake sorta thing to make the base. Argh I like biscuit crust!! drinks @ tcc, Clarke Quay Posted by Picasa Ok, that's all. Hahahahahaha. Random photo. My dah-leng kuku sister is leaving!!! Posted by Picasa
It's 9.30am and I'm in the office. I'm sleepy and grouchy. Plus, am nursing a headache due to lack of sleep. Argh. Damn, do I hate waking up early. I woke up early yesterday too! At 9am to be exact. Because I had to work at 11am! Yes, nothing's wrong with your screen, selsel's really working! Wahahahahaha. I got a job at a spectacles shop (what do they call those things anyway, optical shop or something?) located at Peninsula Plaza. The job's pretty ok, just basically do what shop assistants do. Did a bit of cutting and filing on the first day of work, reminded me of D&T during secondary school. Hahaha. That was a nightmare, but this was ok, because it's really minimal. Then had to "dot" the lenses that arrive from the supplier, gawd, that's one major pain in the ***. My eyes were so tired after doing one side of it but I think I'll get used to it. I hope. It's really flexible timing, only go in 2 days a week, the other 2 days are covered by another girl. So for this, I get $40 per day! Yay. Not. The thing I hate most about it is I HAVE TO LUNCH ALONE! Damn, I hate lunching alone. Well, eating alone for that matter. Unless I'm at home. Sigh~ I think people who have to eat alone are very sad beings. But then again, I guess most sales people have to 'cos if they all come out to eat together, nobody will tend the shop! Ok lar, it's not about the money. Really. I just didn't want to spend my days meaninglessly. So might as well use the time to earn me some pocket money. Ey. There's an event over at MoS tonight! Wahahahaha, some corporate event. And I'm helping out! So exciting!!!! Finally, am going to MoS. Yes, I know, I've been saying that since last year and all my plans were thwarted somehow, by somebody. Everytime I make plans to go there, somebody, surely, will thwart it. Ha ha ha. BUT THIS TIME! I'M GOING! FOR SURE! And I'm getting paid! Woohoo!!!!!!! I hope I get to explore the rest of the place. Hee hee hee. I wanna see ALL the rooms! And the best thing is, it'll be empty! Waahahahhaha. Because I'm going at 5.30pm. Tell me, who'll be there to party at 5.30pm? -_-!! After the event, I have to rush down to Toa Payoh for the second half of my lesson. It's the last lesson today, and plenty of exam tips! Yahoo! It also means that exams are coming. That also means that I'M GRADUATING SOON! 4 MORE MODULES AND I'M DONE! WHEE! The car's getting a bath, wax and polish today! Hee hee hee! $80/- at Nissan. Includes cleaning the insides of the car, AND re-touching the scratches on the bumper. Wahahahahaha. So I have to wait for another 2 hours. I.. Am.. So.. Bored!!!!! Ja. P.S. Still need people to share Supre shipping costs! Now only got Shuan and Karen. Hahaha, 3 people not enough!!!!! 2 more okay!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Anybody interested in sharing the shipping costs for Supre? It's AUD$30. The exchange rate is AUD$1 = SGD$1.24 (From DBS Bank) Supre They have nice printed tee shirts, dresses, belts, skirts, jackets! Maybe can find about 4 people? Can save a lot of money!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I just ordered Beef Lasagne and Sweet 'n' Spicy drumlets from Pizza Hut. At 10.45pm. I think I'm mad. Or maybe just hungry. Ho ho ho. Yay, I can't wait for the food to arrive. And I've never tried Beef Lasagne. God I hope it's nice. Crap, it's raining cats and dogs here. My lasagne will get wet!!! And my drumlets! Oh no! Actually I got nothing much to blog about. Ha ha ha ha ha. I've been nothing nothing this whole week except play mahjong, In Between, Black Jack, sleep, eat and watch TV. Very slack. And there's a project submission on Feb 17. And my darling kuku sister is leaving for Perth on the 16th. Sigh. I'm gonna miss youuuuu~!!! *sob sob* Read this somewhere and I think it's really quite true. "When a girl pushes you away or turns a cold shoulder on you, that's when she needs you the most." *Yes, I know the video quality is damn bad. Haiya, no choice what. It's from handphone cameras. Roughly see the action can liao lar. Ha ha ha.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

For those who missed it. *Post note: Just click play and then the clip will load automatically. But to watch it in one smooth loop, click "pause" once the clip starts loading and wait for it to load completely (just see the grey bar) before clicking on "play" again. This is selsel getting smashed by her own birthday cake. Dumb. Ha ha ha ha. Characters: Basically, just me. Ha ha ha ha. And a few others at the end of the video. Voices include: Zhenting, Lionel, Karen. Sabo-er: Lester. Cows. And this is karen getting sabo-ed by me. Muahahahaha. Love it. Characters: First person holding cream: Lionel Second person holding cream & final sabo-er: Yours Truly, me. Woman brandishing aluminium foil: Karen's mum. Hilarious!!!!!!! Voices: Zhenting and few others. Wahahahahaha. YouTube rules. A bit slow in the uptake of technological advances. Damn. The boots I wanted to buy, OUT OF STOCK! tmd. I finally decided I want to buy it and it's OUT OF STOCK. wth. And the stock will take minimum one month to arrive and there's a possibility that it might not even arrive. Argh. Argh. Argh. Argh. *bang wall*

Friday, February 03, 2006

CNY 2006 Hellos people! How was your CNY? Collected a lot of ang paos? Ha ha ha, if you did, then good for you.. If you didn't, well, there's always next year. My CNY was.. pretty.. erm.. dunno the right word la. But it was quite sian / sad / quiet. The eve of CNY eve, I had my reunion dinner at my uncle's place. It has become some sort of a tradition already, since both our families are small and we stay so near each other. Steamboat as usual, with lots of abalone, clams, blah blah, the works you know. The soup is shiok man! Abalone soup. Yummy. And I got my first ang pao from my second uncle. Woohoo! =) Ang pao is good. Snapped a few photos of the boys, kids nowadays, they grow so fast! Just last year, this kid here was only a tiny baby. And I could still carry him. But look at him now! So "dua mao" already. Ha ha ha ha. Baby!! Posted by Picasa And his brother, Joshua. Super hyper active kid. Hahahaha. Can self entertain very well. Me and Joshua Posted by Picasa I left early to watch Memoirs of a Geisha! Woot. Finally got to catch it. It's great la. But I think I want to read the book, got more details eh. On CNY eve itself, my parents and I just had a simple dinner at home. Really simple. Ha. And my mum wanted to go to Chinatown to get the festive atmosphere! So we trooped down to Chinatown! Our house decorated with red lanterns and "firecrackers"! Posted by Picasa The red lanterns at my estate Posted by Picasa Can you believe it, it's my dad's first MRT ride. Eh, actually it's my first MRT ride with my dad. I think it's his second trip. Hahaha, he ain't exactly a big fan of public transport. Papa and mama Posted by Picasa Papa's first MRT ride. Dad looking a little blur. Posted by Picasa All his life he has been driving. If he can't drive, he'll take a cab. Good life arh. Finally reached Chinatown.. And was greeted by a SWARM of people. COWS! Where did all these people come from!! Papa and mama @ Chinatown, with the crowd! Posted by Picasa Chinatown Point Posted by Picasa Very crowded Posted by Picasa I mean, where'd they go the rest of the year?!?!?! Suddenly, it's CNY and they're all out! Wah laos. My dad's somewhere in the queue to buy bah kwa. Posted by Picasa My favourite Ah Pek ice cream! Woot. Posted by Picasa Their bah kwa is the best. I like. Posted by Picasa Stuck outside this shop for awhile.. Human jam. Bah. Posted by Picasa The same shop. Superly crowded. Posted by Picasa Me loves neon lights. Posted by Picasa And that's all folks. Ha ha ha ha, after that my parents went home and I went to Mr Tan's house to play mahjong. And lost. To his brother. Dang it. Feel so cheated. Haiz. Don't ever play with experts again. Luckily only lost $5. If not.. I will murder someone. Someone. So basically, that's the good part of CNY. Ironically, the good part came before CNY itself. Because after that, it's a spiral downwards. Let's recap. Chu yi, I was left home alone pretty much the whole day because my parents went to Malaysia and I couldn't go because my passport was less than 6 months from expiry. Great huh. Home alone on Chu Yi. But there was mahjong at night, so it was ok. I lost again anyway. Then Chu er, someone came to our house and we went to eat Bah Kut Teh and then went to her house after that. Supposed to meet the in-law, but she wasn't around. Weird. And because I woke up so damn early, I took a nap and when I woke up, my mum decided to tell me the news about my uncle (technically, this uncle is my aunt's husband, so yeah, uncle is a general term) that he passed away, even before CNY. Probably when I was watching Memoirs of a Geisha. Sigh. I got really upset and lost all mood for celebration. Then at night, we went to attend his funeral. Somehow, it was a closure for me, seeing my aunt taking it well and that he had sons and daughters-in-law and grandchildren and great grandchildren all sending him off on his final journey. But it was still quite heart-wrenching to have to deal with this, and especially so, during this very joyous occasion. Went to my 4th aunt's house the next day and finally, got a bit of a feel of CNY visiting because it was so "re nao" at her house. The sound of mahjong, tv, people talking just cheered me up a little. Yea, so that was CNY for me. Oh and I went shopping the other day, I saw a pair of boots. Very nice! And I'm still deciding, should I buy it or not. Should I? Or not? Everyone says I should. Well, I think only mama will TELL me not to buy it. Oh wells. I shall go try it on today and decide. After dinner last night, I went to buy my new handphone! Woot. Nokia 6111 in pink. Fantastic man! Love it. Except the key pad is not ergonomical (or however you spell it la) because my thumb hurts after using it. Other than that, it's just great. Hee. Kinda miss my 6230 though. Last photo before I bring it for trade-in. You served me well, my dear. But it's time I got a new phone.. Bye bye 6230, Hello 6111! Posted by Picasa